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Patient Forms & Information


For your convenience, you may print and fill out any of the following forms prior to your appointment:


New Patient Registration Packet

Consent for Examination of a Minor                   

Obstetrical Questionnaire

Records Release to Patient

Records Release to Another Provider

Records Release to Women's Medical Associates


Nuevo Paquete de Registro de Pacientes                   

Cuestionario Obstétrico

Patient Portal

We provide online access to your information through our Patient Portal. With the portal, you are able to view medical records, current medications, and latest lab results. You may also request a prescription refill and send and received secure messages. We can publish your visit summaries and patient education to the portal rather than print them if you prefer. We need your email address and we will send you a link with your user name and password in an email. Once you register, you may access the Patient Portal anywhere you have internet access. There is also a mobile app available.

Once you have registered, you can access our patient portal here

If you have any questions regarding the patient portal, please call our office at 575-522-9793.

Gyn Care

Most women see their GYN provider once a year for their annual well women exam which includes a pelvic exam, breast exam and if necessary a Pap smear. In the event that your Pap smear is abnormal, other treatments for the condition are available through our office include colposcopy and LEEP procedures. Women should also contact their GYN provider for excessive menstrual bleeding and/or pain, pelvic pain, breast pain, suspicion of vaginal infections, concerns regarding STD’s, birth control options or any other GYN related concerns they may have.

There are many kinds of birth control on the market today and it is best to discuss all the options with your provider to determine which would be right for you. Factors such as age, lifestyle, whether or not you want something permanent or temporary, and any current health problems you may have will help determine which type would be appropriate. Some of the most common types of birth control are condoms, pills, injections, and intrauterine devices. There is also an implant available as well. Some types contain hormones and some do not and most do not protect you from sexually transmitted diseases. While permanent sterilization is not 100% effective, it is THE most effective in preventing pregnancy. There is a product most commonly referred to as “the morning after pill” which can prevent a pregnancy if taken within 72 hours of intercourse and is not a form of birth control but an emergency option.

GYN problems range from minor with over-the-counter solutions to problems requiring surgery. A women’s GYN provider is there for all the stages of her life from adolescence and child-bearing years through peri- and post-menopause. If you are having a problem, it is a best practice to schedule a separate appointment from your annual exam. This way the provider can focus on the individual issue you are having. An appropriate amount of time can be set aside and scheduled in a timely manner to address your issue.

The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology is an excellent resource for patients who desire more information about their gynecologic health. You may access this information at

Well-Women Annual Exams

     When you schedule your annual exam, there are some things to keep in mind:

  • Be sure your provider accepts your insurance. You can call the office or contact your insurance company directly.
  • We all have a tendency to forget what we wanted to ask during our appointment, so write down the questions you have and any signs or symptoms you are having. Be thorough and honest when providing information to your provider. This will help her determine an appropriate plan of care for you.
  • Bring a list of your medications with you, or even better, bring the bottles of your medications with you. They will have all the information the provider is going to need.
  • Be prepared to answer personal questions regarding lifestyle, drug and alcohol consumption, exercise and diet. We will also be asking about your family’s medical history. Please be assured that all the information provided will remain confidential.
  • Having a support person with you is certainly welcome, however, our space is limited and we would request that you don’t bring more than one person.
  • You will have a gynecologic exam which includes a breast exam and pelvic exam and you may or may not have a Pap smear. Annual breast and pelvic exams should begin when you become sexually active or you reach the age of 21. Current guidelines for when to have a Pap smear have changed and depending on your circumstances, age and history, Pap smears can be every 1 to 5 years. Remember, even if you do not need a Pap smear, you still need to be seen each year for a pelvic and breast exam.
  • Feel free to address any concerns with your provider. She is here to help you with your care and the more information she has, the better her plan of care can be.


If you are considering becoming pregnant, you may want to schedule a preconception counseling visit with one of our providers. At this visit, she will discuss your medical history, diet, and lifestyle, past pregnancies and family health. Certain medical conditions should be under control before you become pregnant and your vaccinations should be up-to-date. Keeping fit, eating wisely, avoiding things that could be harmful, and visiting your doctor will help prepare you for a normal pregnancy and a healthy baby.

Our office offers comprehensive obstetrical services with care provided by our midwives and physicians. We recommend you contact us as soon as you know you are pregnant and an appointment will be scheduled for you preferably between 6 and 8 weeks gestation. At this appointment, you will be meeting with our insurance staff to go over your benefits and with one of our medical assistants who will obtain your history. Information such as medications in pregnancy, iron deficiency anemia, vaccinations and morning sickness is provided at that visit. An ultrasound may be ordered if it is medically necessary for some reason.  You will then be scheduled with a provider who will do your complete physical and initiate your routine visits. Please feel free to ask any questions during any of your prenatal visits.

Childbirth classes are offered through Memorial Medical Center free of charge. These classes are beneficial to first-time mothers, those needing a refresher course, those who want more information about what happens during the labor and delivery process or want more current educational materials.  If you would like to register or receive more information, please contact Educational Services at 575-521-2233.

The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology is an excellent resource for patients who desire more information about pregnancy, labor and delivery,  and postpartum. You may access this information at


The American Academy of Pediatrics and the World Health Organization recommend exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of your baby's life and then continued breastfeeding for one to two years and beyond.   Support and assistance are available to you for any questions or challenges along the way!

Learning to Breastfeed and Back to Work or School seminars are offered each month at WMA. These classes are complimentary for our clients and there is a $25 fee for expectant moms outside of our practice. Partners are always encouraged to attend!

Memorial Medical Center also offers a Mama's Milk Club which meets every Friday from 10:00 am -11:30 am in the West Annex - Piñon A. For more information, call 575-521-5393 

     For more information on breastfeeding, please see and

Women’s Medical Associates

The most extensive team of Obstetricians/Gynecologists and Midwives is here at Women’s Medical Associates. Backed by Memorial Medical Center's Level III NICU and Pediatric Intensive Care Units - the only ones available in southern New Mexico - you can be confident when you choose to have your baby, or your personal care, provided by our team.